Table of Contents

Flash Fiction Stories

Accidental Cop – “Anyone would laugh if you told them that I’d bought a woman a drink and grabbed her there…on the bottom.”

Accidental Slit – “It truly had been a crappy week for Daniel, but not that bad.  Not bad enough to slit his wrist, just bad enough to joke about slitting his wrist.”

Accidental Slit (alternate ending)

A Guardian Angel’s Desperate Plea – Guardian Angel:  “He doesn’t speak to me anymore.  He doesn’t even know I exist.”

Bay City Runaway – I was a stranger to her–a drunken, lonely bastard of a man on the street; too young to be her father, too old to be her lover.

The Beef Quilt – “for whatever one sows, that will he also reap”

Belly of the Church – “He recalled the cool, dank air that used to drift out of the basement through these open vents and into the summer heat.”

Briar Wood – “The faint gleam in the shop owner’s eye was evidence of the hope that Jeff and other young men might carry on ancient tradition.”

Business Card Flash – small enough to fit on an actual business card

Cheap Irish Whiskey – “He had come searching for a missing piece of himself, hoping to find it in a connection or lose it in a bottle of whiskey.”

Chilled by the Fire – “The campfire warmed our faces, but didn’t touch the icy chill inside. Whatever had been stalking us would be back before the night was through”

Corndog Angel – I picked up the corn dog by its stick and spoke to him through the haze of beer and joviality, “Hey, brother.  Have a corndog.”

Deeper Hunger – “The woods were still thick with the stench of his cruelty, as he stalked his next victim.  She walked alone.  It was as if she…wanted to be found.

Dignity for the Dead – “Leaning on the shovel, he stood, eyes closed in solemn remembrance of all of the others he had buried over the years.”

Dude, You’re in a Cult – “No one goes out looking for a cult to sign up for.  It’s something that always starts out seeming completely normal…”

Dying Mother – “I saw a woman, once strong, now weak  Her life fading, her brain clouding.”

Expense Report – “It started innocently enough.  On the last day of a business trip to D.C., Brent called down to the front desk to have the hotel arrange for transportation to the airport.  Brent was thinking more in terms of a taxi cab, but what showed up was…”

The Fifteenth Floor – “Sure, there were other floors that he was denied access to, but no one seemed to have access to fifteen.”

Final Pilgrimage – “Each puff was a dying prayer to a dying god.”

Finding Eden – “Something deep inside, something primal, original, wanted to be deeply removed from civilization.”

Fragrance of Forgiveness – “Her head hit the pillow.  He did not yet have the grace or instinct to touch her hot cheek with his cool hand before he turned to go.”

Free Soon – “Done struggling, done fighting, done hurting, done living.”

The Funeral Singer -”It’s no small thing,” he often said to himself, “to be asked to sing at someone’s funeral.  Especially, when it is they themselves doing the asking.”

Growl and Thump – “Lingering summer heat drifted in through my open window as I traced another drop of cold water on my bare belly.”

Hooked at the Drug Store – The man, squints questioningly as he smiles and asks in his best Hook, “And just how, little boy,  do you know that I am indeed Captain Hook?”

I Am With You – “Daniel,” it says, so close that it seems to be in his own head, “Do not be afraid. I am with you.”

In the Wings – “He was right in my ear, and his body was so close to mine in the darkness of the heavy stage curtains that I could feel heat emanating from it.”

I’ve Watched.   I KNOW! – “I know things. I know how things work. I’VE WATCHED. I KNOW.”

Keeping Time – “By the time Daniel was fifteen, he was ready to step up to a level of mature sophistication that a digital watch could not provide.”

Lenten Man – “Glimpses of the last forty days began to form in his aching head.  Glimpses of prayer and fasting and worship and study of scripture.   These things he held on to, turning them over and over in his mind like precious jewels that he could scarcely believe were his.”

Life at Ninety – “People have asked me what it’s like to turn ninety, and all I can say is that it just doesn’t seem like it.  In my mind, I’m not really any particular age at all.  I’ve been a lot of ages, ya know?”

Lingering (6 part serial) -“Their presence was just an accepted part of his routine by now.  Perhaps just emotional impressions from previous inhabitants, or perhaps their lingering spirits.”

Losing Bob – “But Americans don’t really eat porridge, do we?” I queried.

Lost and Found Street Hustle – “Hey, listen.  Check dis out.  Man, you ain’t gonna believe dis shit. I’m gonna show you somethin you ain’t NE-VAH seen on no brutha.”

Men’s Room Confessional – “How long since your last confession?” repeated the raspy, time-worn voice from the next men’s room stall.

“I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

“Yes, my son.”

Neighborly Etiquette – “On any given afternoon, you will find Frank Durnbauh working in the yard in front of the big house on the corner of my street.  He’s smaller than average, probably close to sixty, fit, and wears a pleasant smile.”

Non-lesbian Sweethearts – “God!  Don’t sit so close!” she whispers.

“Oh my God, Megan, what’s your problem?  Are you really going to make a big deal out of this again?”

Oh! My Angels Have Come For Me! – “That was his greeting in  his last days; for his students, his fellow musicians, his family, his minister.  My angels have come to me. The man who was notorious for the indiscriminately abusive treatment of his fellow man.”

On the Threshing Floor – “It had been a long day of winnowing barley.  I was well pleased with the harvest, well-fed, and had had my fill of wine from my vineyard.  I drifted to sleep with thoughts of the woman I’d met in the fields.”

Polka Seduction – “This was his only truly viable dating angle and he was determined to make it work this year.”

Prime Time – “I’m SO SORRY, Gary.  You know about my disability. I’m doing the best I can.  I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

Pumpkin Talk – “I can’t say exactly when I began to understand the subtler language of pumpkins and other large squash, but I can say that when I began to realize what I was hearing, I was no less surprised than you must be at this very moment.”

Pure Evil – “The one man who took the time, actually dedicated his life, to reach the humanity in this child, and he had given up.”

Shuffling Now – “Frank shuffled his way out of the bookstore and to his 1962 Plymouth Savoy, newspaper tucked under his arm, new book in hand.  He’d only just retired a month before after 52 years in medicine.”

The Tale of the Happy Chef and the Picky Diner – a modern day fable

There is Music Here – “I’m not certain at all of how long I’ve been this way.  Time does not exist here. Events have no order.  They fold into and out of each other like eternally springing petals in a rose.”

This Old Town – “And maybe the events of the past that formed this town had fallen out of the memories of its inhabitants, but the pain still flowed through there veins, knit into the fabric of their beings.”

Tree House Ghost – “Not unlike the living, ghosts  fall on a continuum of self-awareness, and most are not self-aware enough for their presence to even be noticed.”

Try the Salsa, Y’all! – “I first noticed her hovering around the breakfast bar while struggling with the pump on the coffee dispenser.   I’ll be honest.  I’m not a fan of chatty food service professionals, and was already struggling to form a game plan to avoid the chit-chat assault that was fast approaching my vicinity.”

When We Gave a Shit – “Sometimes I long for the days when my feces had no monetary value.   When it just was what it was:  shit, crap, waste.”

Where Pain and Pleasure Intermingle – It always starts innocently enough, right?  No one just dives into this kind of life style saying, “Gee!  That sounds GREAT!”  For me, it started with hot wings.


Before Coffee

Core Reach

I Would Have Dreamed With Eyes Wide Open


Musical Verse

Nothing But Daydream

Rainy Day Touch

Rose Poetry Springs Eternal

Smoky Bar

Soft Place to Land

Too Much Coffee

Unhappy Mothers


Words of Attraction


2010 in Review

Break from Fiction:  Some Thoughts on the Movie “Carrie”

The Candy Man’s Last Day

Church of the Open Arms Mission Statement

Delivering the  Mail

Enough With the Skinny Women!

Fartle – definition

Frosty’s Unfortunate Misunderstanding

Introducing a fiction series:  The Smell Collector


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