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The Ballad of the Butcher’s Daughter

There was a stranger who walked alone,
Who came from far away.
Who sought a job to feed his mouth,
And a bed for which to lay.

He reached a town with open gates,
And began to look around.
The people there did stop and stare,
Not a friend there could be found.

He came upon a butcher shop,
And dared to venture in.
He pulled his hat down off his head,
And was welcomed with a grin.

“Good morning,” said the Butcher,
What business have you with me.?”
“I’ve traveled far to find a job,
Do you have a job for me?”

The butcher looked him up and down,
And rubbed his chin in thought.
He said, “You’ll work for room and board,
My pay for you is nought”

The stranger wept in gratitude,
And bowed his humble head.
The butcher kindly handed him,
And little loaf of bread.

The Butcher gave a warning glance,
And said, “I have one rule.
You’re not to touch my daughter fair,
She is my precious jewel.”

The stranger stood up tall and straight
And made a solemn vow.
“I shall not look upon her face,
Or you may butcher me like a sow.”

That night he came for supper,
With the Butcher and his wife,
She brought a honeyed ham
And a fork and carving knife.

The Butcher carved the ham up,
And served it with a wink,
The Stranger caught his meaning,
His cheeks and ears turned pink.

That night in the Butcher’s barn,
He lay in softest hay,
And wondered of the maiden,
How long he couldn’t say.

Then late at night as he slept,
Another wandered in,
He woke to find the maiden,
Her mouth an open grin.

They kissed and stroked each other,
His love for her he spoke,
Until the cock crowed three times,
The two of them awoke.

And then the Butcher opened
The barn door with a bang!
And saw the frightened lovers,
Their heads they now did hang.

“My daughter!” cried the Butcher,
As he stood over them and fumed.
“I love her!” cried the Stranger,
But he knew that he was doomed.

The town did never see him,
Nor never again did meet.
But the Butcher’s ham and pork chops,
Had never been so sweet.