Pure Evil

He’d seen it in the doctor’s notes.  He’d heard it from his own lips–from the one man that actually tried to help him.

The one man who took the time, actually dedicated his life, to reach the humanity in this child, and he had given up.

He would show Dr. Loomis what it really looked like.

It doesn’t hurt the way I do.

It doesn’t fear the way I fear.

I’ll give them what they need.  They need to know that it exists so that they can live the way they live….

I will burn in hell for them…so they can sleep at night.  They’ll remember what Halloween really is–it is not a game.

He stood in dark, tree covered obscurity,  hospital gown clinging wet to his powerful shoulders, pulse raging, in the cold autumn rain, waiting for his chance.

No longer a child.

No longer innocent.

A surge of adrenaline shot through his veins as the first glimmer of headlights flashed onto the wet road just outside the hospital grounds.  Michael Myers was alive now, and he lived for one purpose:

Pure Evil


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