Dude, you’re in a cult

At what point do you realize you’re in a cult?

Oh, it depends on the person, I suppose.  Me?  It took years to realize it fully.  No one goes out looking for a cult to sign up for.  It’s something that always starts out seeming completely normal; a meditation class, for example.   Just learning how to quiet the mind right?  Why should that involve an “initiation” to advance to the next level of instruction?  You might casually ask yourself this question, but you do it anyway.

Why should I not be allowed to share information about what we do at the higher “levels” of meditation class?  Oh that’s simple,  it might confuse other meditation students who aren’t on that level yet.

One year you’re learning how to quiet your mind, the next year you might be trying to summon the presence of an invisible ancient Indian guru into your living room.   The next year you might be spending hours each day trying to mentally manifest a  large sum of money.  The next year, you might be attempting to speak with the dead.

Do you worship the “teacher”?  Do you believe that you are attaining magical powers?

Do you read books like Harry Potter and say, “Ok, I see how that could work.”?

No, you don’t.  You really don’t see how it could work.  Dude, you’re in a cult.  And that’s cool,  just admit to yourself, man…you’re in a freakin cult.


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